Christian Grieco

Christian Grieco

Founder & President of Optimus One

Layne and Alan have a vision that resonates strongly with me.

These gentlemen are harnessing a new ethos the pandemic has made available to those that are paying attention to the opportunity in front of us to make more meaningful connections. It is ironic as we are asked to be distant from one another over this past year, the V50 environment Alan and Layne have launched brings people together in a way that fosters greater human connectivity than being person to person at a downtown bar.

I was invited to be a guest at a V50 Thursday Happy Hour a few months ago. I could tell right away these guys have put something special together.

The energy they and the members bring to the fore is fantastic. Yes, it is the typical business networking event where we each get to introduce ourselves and provide our pitch. If that was all it was, there would be nothing to praise and be excited to be a part of.

Business is about people coming together to provide value for other people.  Sales the way it has been known is dying. As it should. Doing business with people we know, like, and trust is the sales fundamental that is coming online to a much greater extent.

It is through meaningful connection with others our networks can be filled with people we want to help and will help us. The online platform V50 offers beyond the Happy Hour enables members to get to know each other in a very meaningful way.

The connections I have been making both with Layne and Alan as well as the other members, through one on one conversations, are expanding my network in significant ways. V50 creates community in a meaningful way. Causes that I would have never been exposed to are highlighted. The meaning and meaningfulness Layne and Alan bring to this community they are building have inspired me to be more of myself than I have ever been with other people.

It just feels right to shed any sense of guardedness when connecting with others in this community. I blame Layne and Alan for that.