Service Spotlight: Send Personal Cards Online with SendOutCards

What is SendOutCards?

SendOutCards is a simple service: it helps you send real physical cards to the people you love. 

“The world needs what your heart has to give. Act on your promptings and reach out in kindness by sending a heartfelt card every day.”

SendOutCards was created after the owner Kody Bateman experienced a traumatic tragedy when he lost his oldest brother to an accident. Kody was moving out of his family home and was so busy on the day of the move that he missed the opportunity to say goodbye to his brother. In a rush to leave, he waved goodbye and took off. Sadly, he never got to see his brother again. Learning from this experience, he made himself a promise to always remember to reach out to family and friends proactively. That is how SendOutCards came to be. 

How does SendOutCards work?

SendOutCards makes sending cards easy. Layne Frank loves this service, “It is really simple since it is all automated. It takes about 5 minutes to create, and you are done.” The card editor lets you fully customize each card that you send. You can add photos, unique messages, and even personalize them with your own handwriting font. And best of all, they take care of prepping the cards and going to the post office for you.

How can I benefit from SendOutCards?

SendOutCards helps you to both create and maintain relationships. The relationship development system reminds you of important dates and allows you to send multiple cards. Whether thank you or marketing reminders, SendOutCards is a great professional and personal way of connecting you to clients, colleagues, family and friends.

Interested? Click the link below to start sending cards today!