Lisa Atkinson

Lisa Atkinson

Consultant | Zelvin Security

V50 has become a staple in my weekly routine.

In November, I began seeing V50 social media posts, and by December, I joined a happy hour session to learn more. By early April, I accomplished business, personal, and financial goals due to the remarkable allies I grew to know within the V50 community. My business is Zelvin Security, a proactive cybersecurity consulting company, and our primary vision is to help businesses protect themselves from malicious hackers. The V50 community has introduced us to several new businesses across the United States, and it has allowed us to share our knowledge with business leaders. Cybercriminals are invisible, and business owners often find it hard to distinguish between ethical and nonethical resources when they are looking for answers to cyber-related risks on the internet.

Since December, we have become trusted partners to the V50 community members, and we continue to make ourselves available to the members and their business connections. Last month, a small business was attacked by a cybercriminal, and the business owner turned to a member of the V50 community to ask for support.

After the attack, the V50 member put the business owner in touch with me and our team of penetration testers, where we guided the business to a higher level of online safety. V50 gave us the opportunity to help this business owner recover from the cyber-attack with a trusted partner, portraying the positive impact V50 can have on its community and its members.

From a personal side, I have met countless business leaders through the V50 network who value integrity and follow-through.

Over the past few months, I have gained an army of “business friends” who recommend resources for personal growth, share advice, and understand the challenges our business faces today. When I needed a new team member—I asked the V50 community, and when I had a legal question—I asked the community. Regardless of its applications, V50 has impacted my personal and professional life more than I ever believed it would, and many of my closest business partners would have never been my partners without this wonderful opportunity.