Tommy Neyland

Tommy Neyland

Executive VP of Sales | Dauntless Discovery

Early on in the pandemic I was looking for new ways to expand my business network and someone suggested I check out v50. I figured why not tune in and see what it was all about.

Fast forward a year later and it’s almost too good to be true even though I’ve been fortunate to watch the magic happen for a long time.

I’ve built friendships that will last a lifetime, had countless laughs, learned from some of the best business people I’ve ever come across, and engaged in deep, thought provoking and emotional conversations, all while expanding on my business network far beyond what I hoped for when I checked it out for that first time.

V50 is far more than a networking group. Whether it’s rallying around an initiative that honors our military veterans, promoting a member’s business like it’s their own, being a listening ear when someone in V50 needs it because everyone genuinely cares about each other’s well being, or making incredible work connections, this is a community of generous, passionate and selfless givers. I’m proud to say I’ve been in it since almost day 1 and with Alan and Layne steering the ship, and the energy constantly gaining more steam, I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Viva V50!